(Long Overdue) Update on Dine for Diabetes

[tweetmeme source=”ThatchRoom” only_single=false]Happy New Year folks! After a short, unavoidable break (blame my boss), ThatchRoom is back and there is SO much to report! Some time has passed since we participated in the Eko Club medical mission to Lagos State by providing Diabetes Education and empowering rural Lagosians to prevent and fight diseases through healthy eating. (more on that soon!).

Many thanks to those who were able to donate towards this cause or attend the fundraising dinner. Thanks especially for opening my eyes to what is possible given a pot, a fire and some grain. For the first time, I was cooking not to celebrate my birthday or to host my friends but to make a diference in the lives of people I may never see again. The feeling was better than all my birthdays put together (please don’t ask me how many that is) including my fifth birthday when my dear father asked me what I wanted and I said ten dreses and sure enough there were 10 dresses waiting when I got back from school – yes even that birthday! More than 30 of you joined me and my able volunteers (special mention and kisses to Seyi Olubadewo and Zibu Sibanda) for great food, great wine and fantastic company. Most importantly, we were able to not just meet but exceed our funds target towards the medical mission. With that we translated, printed and distributed our Diet & Diabetes Primer (click here to view) amongst other uses. The primer, featuring locally available foods and including nutritional advice tailored to the Nigerian context, continues to serve as a reference point for primary healthcare workers serving rural and disadvantaged populations in Lagos. Please look out for more updates on the medical mission and the positive impact we all helped to make. Again, thank you very much and I look forward to hosting you again.

For those who missed it, the menu was as promised: there was catfish cooked in tomato sauce, a modern twist on granny’s African snails, shrimp coconut rice, west African pepper soup, tigernut milk and many other goodies. Poet Gbenga Lasisi surprised us with a rendition of his poignant poem on Lagos – to standing ovation!!! And lastly, HealthBeam Outreach Founder, Mrs Adeola Akindana presented to guests on the importance of education and healthy nutrition in the treatment and management of Diabetes especially in developing countries. All in all it was a night to remember. If you were a guest that night and you have pictures or comments, please share.


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  1. Entertained says:

    Miss E,
    Wettin be African Cherry? Anyhoo I’m missing pics of the actual chow…wssup? That brochure was an interesting read even though I don’t speak Yoruba (Is that the spelling?)

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