Drinking to the gods

[tweetmeme source=”ThatchRoom” only_single=false]There she was, seriously head-geared, too full of energy (considering it was over 100 degrees outside) and chanting in Liberian Grebo: Abli ware a bati oooo..!”

“Bati oooo!” We all responded as we had been told. Whatever I’d expected when I left a nail-biting Ghana v. Uruguay match to watch Vera Oye put up a “culinary theatre production” at Martha’s Table, the “life-imitates-Nollywood”, libation-pouring exercise I was now witnessing was certainly not it. In less than two minutes Vera had taken us from downtown DC to an Orunmila festival. I felt bad for the non-Africans, they looked like they were about to make for the door (if you fall in this bucket, please see crash course on libation here). I put on my “I’m tough” look and whipped out my camera. This was getting interesting.

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