On New Resolutions

Image[tweetmeme source=”ThatchRoom” only_single=false]If you’re anything like the vast majority of people, somewhere right around the first of January you probably thought in your head something along the lines of “I’ll get a gym membership”, “I”ll pay those parking tickets”, “I’ll finally go bungee jumping/fishing in Alaska/discover “myself” in a nudist commune, and so on and so forth… But maybe as the fireworks went off and you clinked those champagne glasses, you never thought, “I’ll ditch the high-salt, MSG-loaded, additive and preservative-ridden stock cubes” and why should I blame you? It the last thing on anyone’s mind especially if you’ve grown up as I did, never questioning what really those little cubes were that everyone popped liberally into the soup/stew/egg/whatnot. For many of us, especially in British West Africa, our moms cooked with them and even our moms’ mothers cooked with them. Today, every villager, Read more of this post